Monday, 22 April 2013



Now days my latest  activity is photographing birds,trees and butterflies seen near my house.If you observe properly you will see there are many birds,trees and insects in your immediate surrounding area  which you tend to ignore in your everyday life.Near my house I see  bats, butterflies,parakets,koyal,sparrows (their population is dwindling  in Mumbai) kabar etc.Trees like jamun,eucalyptus,peltophorum,badam,banyan and many more.
Early morning  the koyal wakes me up at 4 am followed by the parakets.Sometimes I see a kingfisher and other times hear the shrill call of the kite.When I go for my walk the peltophorum showers its flowers on me or the champa (plumeria alba) flowers fragrance awakens my olfactory nerves.
The joy  all this give me is immence.
You to can do it. What is necessary  initially is a little  patience and observation and then automatically you will start noticing these beautical elements in your surrounding.



With the smart phones which we all carry you can photograph these and try to study them in detail later.Show them to your family and it becomes a good topic of conversation and who knows you may even develop a new hobby like birding,photography  or plant study,gardening.If not just forget all and enjoy the moment.


Its summer time and all over the city you will find the Peltophorum tree in full bloom.The tree is completely covered with yellow flowers and it adds colour to the dull city skyline.
There are lots of these trees planted near my house and it is one of my favourites.
During this season you will find a yellow carpet of flowers on the roads and there are no words to describe the experience of walking on it.
Have you ever experienced the peltophorum shower?
Just stand below the tree when the flowers fall and you will feel blessed.

The botanical name is Peltophorum  pterocarpum also know as copper pod or rusty shield bearer because of the shield shaped fruit.The flowers are yellow and have a very mild fragrance.
The tree flowers from April to July and then again from September to November.It is mainly planted along the roadside but it falls easily in heavy monsoon.



Last week I decided to visit sewri  area in Mumbai and see the annual visitors to the city of Mumbai-The Flamingos.

On the east coast of Mumbai  in the Arabian sea at sewri  you get to see these birds the lesser and greater flamingos  around this time of the year.These birds come all the way from kutch gujarat.
The birds come very close to the shore at high tide time and watching them carry on their activities was  a sight to behold.They were moving about slowly,gracefully and quietly.
Standing on the shore one could make out the sharp contrast where behind me was  a noisy concrete jungle city  and in front the peaceful Arabian sea with the birds.