Monday, 9 September 2013


Mumbai’s black and yellow cabs play a major role in the public transport system of the city.
The cab drivers spend hours in the cab jostling traffic,pollution and unfriendly weather.They spend nearly 8-10 hours in these cabs and it is their workspace.
The drivers maintain the cabs ,wash them and keep them clean.Since they spend so many hours in them they try to decorate the cab as per their living and financial position.
Mainly the seat covers are different,there are light fittings on the inside of the roof of the cab.Few have music system, few small hangings on the rear view mirror and some images or statues of god and goddesses as per the individual belief.Some have toys or floral displays.Images and statues of god are very common and you will see them even in private cars.

Mainly if the driver is Hindu ganpati statue will surely be there.These are to ward off evil and for protection.All the display show ones liking and unique aesthetic sense.Many are gaudy but they add colour to the drivers work environment.
Many displays become a topic of discussion between the passengers and drivers.Small toys and dolls attract children and bring a smile on the face of the passengers.
Some drivers even light essence sticks before they start work and some decorate with fresh flowers.
All this shows the importance of colour and design in human life.Colour plays a major role in Indian culture.
Everyone likes to work in a clean well done up space and for a taxi driver his cab is his workspace.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Toady let me introduce you to a new art form called Zentangle.
I discovered this art form a few days ago and I am hooked to it.
You can do this anywhere and materials required are pen,paper and imagination.
In Zentangle you create images using repetitive patterns.
The art form helps to give vent to your creativity and increases your ability to concentrate and helps in relaxing.Although it require patience it is enjoyable and fun to do.
You can google search this art form and get inspiration to do designs of your choice.

Do try this art form which can be done while travelling in plane,on holidays anyplace anywhere.