Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


                                             Presenting embroderies and jewellery of vibrant gujarat.

An Embroidery done by me.

Monday, 11 November 2013


पलके उठा के देखिये तो जरा.                                                              
 मेरी आँखे तुमसे कुछ केहेना चाहे .                                                    
इतनी भीड़ में, मे कैसे कहु .
मेरी दिल कि बात वो बताना चाहे .
आँखें तो दिल कि तरफ जाने का दरवाज़ा है,
दो प्यार कि नज़रे मिले तो कभी दरवाज़ा खुलभी जाये.
पलके उठा के देखिये तो जरा,
शायद हम दोनोको एक दूसरे के दिल में रहने को जगह मिल जाये.

लिना पटेल

Palke utha ke dekhiye to jara
Meri ankhe tumse kuch kehena chahe.
Itni bheed mein, me kaise kahu,
Meri dil ki baat vo batana chahe.
Ankhe to dil ki taraf jaane ka darwaza hai.
Do pyaar ki nazare meele to kabhi  darwaza khul bhi jaye.
Palke utha ke dekhiye to jara,
Shayad hum dono ko ek dusare ke dil mein rahane ko jagaha mil jaye.

Leena Patel.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Just finished reading the book 'I am Malala'.Throughly impressed by the girl.Malala is the
daughter of a encouraging father, having good upbringing by parents, making use of whatever oppurtunities  and talents she had and never accepting defeat.Very focussed and sure of what she wants.
From where she comes and whatever facilities she had she has made the best use of it when many children from the present generation complain for lack of materialistic things.
I strongly recommand this book to the present generation children who don't value education and take it for granted.
I wish malala good health and happiness and strongly support her for the right of girl education.

Malala you inspired me write the next few lines.

Count your blessings you have too many,
Health wealth and happiness are few of the many.
Count your blessings for the family and friends you have,
For they are your life and be thankful to them.
Count your blessings in the form of good health you have,
For what good health you have maybe exactly what someone else may not have.
Count your blessings for the five senses you have.
Oh lord! I am grateful for all this I have.
Count your blessings for the food and water you have.
For many on earth are deprived of them.
Before your meals be grateful for them and share with the less fortunate as often as you can.
Count your blessings for the house you have.
For sleeping on streets with sky as roof is what some people have.
Be grateful for the clothes you have and  if possible  give to those who don't have.
Count your blessings that you live in a peaceful land.
For many guns and bombs are everyday affair.
Count your blessings for whatever you have.
Be it education, talent or the voice you have.
Be grateful for every second you live.
For in gratefulness is the way to live.
It opens the doors to the kingdom of your dreams,
and lets you live a life supreme.
Count your life by smile not tears.
Count your blessings and be grateful to the lord forever.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Mumbai’s black and yellow cabs play a major role in the public transport system of the city.
The cab drivers spend hours in the cab jostling traffic,pollution and unfriendly weather.They spend nearly 8-10 hours in these cabs and it is their workspace.
The drivers maintain the cabs ,wash them and keep them clean.Since they spend so many hours in them they try to decorate the cab as per their living and financial position.
Mainly the seat covers are different,there are light fittings on the inside of the roof of the cab.Few have music system, few small hangings on the rear view mirror and some images or statues of god and goddesses as per the individual belief.Some have toys or floral displays.Images and statues of god are very common and you will see them even in private cars.

Mainly if the driver is Hindu ganpati statue will surely be there.These are to ward off evil and for protection.All the display show ones liking and unique aesthetic sense.Many are gaudy but they add colour to the drivers work environment.
Many displays become a topic of discussion between the passengers and drivers.Small toys and dolls attract children and bring a smile on the face of the passengers.
Some drivers even light essence sticks before they start work and some decorate with fresh flowers.
All this shows the importance of colour and design in human life.Colour plays a major role in Indian culture.
Everyone likes to work in a clean well done up space and for a taxi driver his cab is his workspace.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Toady let me introduce you to a new art form called Zentangle.
I discovered this art form a few days ago and I am hooked to it.
You can do this anywhere and materials required are pen,paper and imagination.
In Zentangle you create images using repetitive patterns.
The art form helps to give vent to your creativity and increases your ability to concentrate and helps in relaxing.Although it require patience it is enjoyable and fun to do.
You can google search this art form and get inspiration to do designs of your choice.

Do try this art form which can be done while travelling in plane,on holidays anyplace anywhere.

Monday, 12 August 2013

     बादलों क॓ समुन्दर  पर उदत॓ हुअे

     मै सुरज से गुफ्तगु   रहि थी

     जब अचानक बादलों का  समुन्दर फट गया

     ओर धरतीन॓ सस्लाम अले कुम  कहा.
                    लिना पटेल    

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Today we take a glimpse into Vibha Desai’s house in Ahmedabad.A lover of art and extremely creative.

Vibha is a artist who makes frames and doors of dry flowers and leaves and her work adorn many homes in Ahmedabad.

Frames made by Vibha


Mask of Shree Ram

Monday, 8 July 2013


In Mumbai it is that time of the year when all major shops have sale on the stocks.The sale maybe 15% to 50% ( how genuine we don’t know) but it gives the buyer a feeling of achievement when money is saved by comparable shopping.Basically the sale is to clear the old stock before the festive season.
Normally I never go to a mall on weekends as they are always crowded but on Saturday not having anything to do I decided to check out the sale.

I went to the mall near my house and first ventured into LIFESTYLE store. I decided to check the ethnic wear. The store was not very crowded ,few ladies checking out the clothes on hangers some men standing in the corner and monitoring the kids while their wives shopped ,line outside trial room where few men helping their better halves to select the clothes.Not finding anything interesting I went to my next destination MARKS AND SPENCERS .I love marks and spencers good staff, nice big changing rooms and most important good clothes.I have to say I like shops that have large trial rooms with mirror on all sides enough space to keep the clothes and handbag and most important not stinking of the previous user sweat.Not finding anything interesting next it was time to check AND-Anita dongre shop.I managed to find a top of my size-nowadays size matters and quickly exited from there.

Whenever I visit this mall I religiously visit COTTON WORLD shop irrespective of whether I want to buy anything or not.I love their fit.The clothes are comfortable and worth the price.I look around the shop to see if there is anything new and after exchanging pleasantries with the staff who know me very well move out.

I am not a ZARA brand fan nor have I ever found clothes which I would like to wear but I still decided to go check the Zara sale. On reaching the shop I just stood stunned at the door.The shop was packed beyond capacity.I did not even have the courage to enter it.Standing near the door I could see long queues at the cash counter and longer ones outside the trial room.It looked as if someone was distributing the clothes for free.People were purchasing the clothes as if there is no tomorrow.Seeing the spending power I was wondering what recession are we talking about.

I never like to shop in crowded places I like to peacefully browse the hangers,try the clothes in a relaxed manner and then take the decision.Actually I don’t like shopping and my handwriting analysis also shows that. ( one can make out whether the person likes to shop or not from the handwriting this is what I learnt from my handwriting analysis classes) One requires lot of energy,interest and passion and hats off to the people who can buy in these crowded environment.I feel either they are are obsessive shoppers or brand conscious.

By now I was hungry fully exhausted and my legs were aching.Whenever I go to a mall my legs ache irrespective of what footwear I am wearing.So final destination MCDONALD.As usual crowded and noisy. I managed to find myself a seat (an achievement by itself) and as I munched my veg burger I wondered why food joints don’t have discount months.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I like the presentation.

I like the colour palette.

The contents are informative.

I get to learn new things.

And most important I get to see how other people view the world.

It introduces me to many blogs and websites I never knew about.

I get to visit other people’s home and see their home decor,how they celebrate festivals and it introduces me to their hobbies be it painting,gardening cooking etc.

I make new contacts through email with people whom I have never met and may never meet around the globe.I come to know of their interest and passions.

 Reading is my hobby and when I see photos of books displayed on bookshelf or coffee table I try to see what other people are reading or pretending to have read.

Whoever first started blogging thanks to him or her?

Reading blogs is informative,relaxing and fun.

A big thank you to you all bloggers who make it possible.

Now let me know why you follow blogs?

Like a butterfly that visits different flowers to collect nectar,similarly a blogger visit different blogs to collect the best information ,ideas and enrich their lives.