Friday, 26 October 2012


After a few months of compulsory break (Mumbai rains ) I have again started my morning walk.

My early morning walk is one of the activities of the day I thoroughly enjoy.
It is quiet,no traffic,no crowd very few people on the streets mainly morning walkers,milkman on cycle,newspaper distributors and few people leaving early for work.

It is at this time I witness the miracles of nature.The cool breeze touching my skin,birds chirping and the sun getting ready to spread its wings.I witness the seasonal changes of the trees and shrubs,Few trees are in full bloom,few fruiting,few have shed their leaves and on some trees leaves changing colour.Many times I am walking on a carpet of flowers ( mainly peltophorum ) and sometimes I stop in search of flowers whose fragrance I just smelled.

As I take my morning walk I see the world with new eyes.

Today as I was walking all of a sudden  I noticed a tree in full bloom.When I stopped  to observe it the tree was Alstonia scholaris also known as saptaparni.( if you wonder how I know the botanical names let me tell you I design landscapes.).

I have seen this tree many times in many places,it is very common in Mumbai but never in full bloom.I was so thrilled.standing near the tree I could smell the fragrance of the flowers.What a beautiful start to my day.Later in the day when I had time I went and clicked photos of the tree.

Alstonia is a beautiful evergreen tree with greenish white flowers.Its common name in Sanskrit is saptaparni because of the seven lance shaped digitate leaflets at the end of the stalk.The name alstonia is after the Scottish botanist Charles Alston and scholaris because the wood is used to make slates and blackboards.

It will be nice if everyone spends time alone in nature and while you are there in nature remember that you too are part of this miracles of nature.




Thursday, 25 October 2012


Constellation of stars ( Nakshatra ) and planets spread in the universe are identified all over the world by different names.Effect of stars and planets on various aspects of the earth surface is a topic of elaborate study all over the world.
One of the important aspect of the planets is the role they play in Indian astrology.Their exact positioning in the zodiac can enhance or deplete the physical,spiritual and the financial growth of an individual.
Reference to inter relation between planets,stars and plants are found in the western literature e.g.HEINRICH DAATH as well as in Sanskrit compositions SRITATVANIDHI.
Mention of aradhya trees and specific flowers for a certain nakshatra are found in not only the panchang but also in old Sanskrit literature.
Every person has a different horoscope and nakshatra.These tell about the persons nature and temperament.
In Indian astrology every nakshatra and zodiac sign has a governing tree.
The herbal properties of these trees are also known since ages.It is said that one should sit to meditate below the governing tree of ones nakshatra as it helps to calm down the mind.
Every zodiac sign has two and a quarter nakshatra and each nakshatra has its own governing tree.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Some of the best years of our lives are the school days.Where nearly ten years we spent with the same friends.These are friends with whom we had the longest association in our student life.
During my school days when we never had computers and  Mark Zuckerberg  was still  not born, we used to have autograph book. It was a book in which in our final year, that is tenth standard we used to ask friends to write a few words as remembrance.
Lots of effort used to go in writing in the book-sketching,colouring,writing beautiful quotes-and it used to be such a big thing. Just imagines a class of 45-50 students exchanging that many books in class.The teachers also used to write in them.
I still have my book and here are some of the pages from my book.

My autograph book

When I read my book today many names I remember,many faces forgotten,few I have been in touch with since school days and others I have found on facebook.

The book presents such simple clean,loving memories.

Wishing all my friends wherever they are the very best in life and to all my friends who wrote in my book a big THANKYOU.