Sunday, 10 November 2013


Just finished reading the book 'I am Malala'.Throughly impressed by the girl.Malala is the
daughter of a encouraging father, having good upbringing by parents, making use of whatever oppurtunities  and talents she had and never accepting defeat.Very focussed and sure of what she wants.
From where she comes and whatever facilities she had she has made the best use of it when many children from the present generation complain for lack of materialistic things.
I strongly recommand this book to the present generation children who don't value education and take it for granted.
I wish malala good health and happiness and strongly support her for the right of girl education.

Malala you inspired me write the next few lines.

Count your blessings you have too many,
Health wealth and happiness are few of the many.
Count your blessings for the family and friends you have,
For they are your life and be thankful to them.
Count your blessings in the form of good health you have,
For what good health you have maybe exactly what someone else may not have.
Count your blessings for the five senses you have.
Oh lord! I am grateful for all this I have.
Count your blessings for the food and water you have.
For many on earth are deprived of them.
Before your meals be grateful for them and share with the less fortunate as often as you can.
Count your blessings for the house you have.
For sleeping on streets with sky as roof is what some people have.
Be grateful for the clothes you have and  if possible  give to those who don't have.
Count your blessings that you live in a peaceful land.
For many guns and bombs are everyday affair.
Count your blessings for whatever you have.
Be it education, talent or the voice you have.
Be grateful for every second you live.
For in gratefulness is the way to live.
It opens the doors to the kingdom of your dreams,
and lets you live a life supreme.
Count your life by smile not tears.
Count your blessings and be grateful to the lord forever.