Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Among the tall skyscrapers of walkeshwar area in Mumbai is a small piece of history –BANGANGA which sits quietly surrounded by temples of various deities and low rise houses and Arabian sea to the west.

The place is 10minutes walking distance from walkeshwar bus depot.

A fight of steps takes you down to the fresh water tank.

On the way down you first see the Jaganath mahadev mandir on right and then the Venkatesh balaji mandir.

On all four sides of the tank are steps which lead you to the watertank.

History says Lord Rama on his way to Lanka stopped here to seek the blessings of Sage Gautama.To quench his thirst he shot an arrow ( baan )in the nether world and released the Bhogawati underground ganga.So the name banganga.

Temples slowly got built around the tank and the place became a thirthashetra.

The tank is 135mts long 52mts wide and10mts deep.

The earliest settlers were gaud saraswat Brahmins.