Thursday, 16 August 2012


The term landscaping has different meanings to different people.

Our country population is so large that the greatest influence on our day to day life is not nature but other people.The activities of each person influences the lives and activities of many others.Everytime an individual digs, plants,paves or in someway changes the land,the landscape is somewhat altered for the rest of the population.

The existing plantation is ad havoc in nature done by the intuitive wisdom and perception of few individuals.
Planting has been done without giving any consideration to the building elevation and architecture.
Railings used to prevent encroachment and to prevent people from vandalizing the plantation have themselves become eyesores.

Container gardens block the pedestrian pathways when actually they could contribute a great deal to the urban landscape.They should make a statement as to where they are and what they contain.If proper emphasis is given on its design,location and size they can make a proper impact and add to the character of the street.

In such urban landscape less importance is given to aesthetics and more to the collection of plant species.When actually the small gardens need a sense of design even more than a medium or large garden.

Planting around heritage structures is a amalgamation of plants,which neither the padestrians passing by or the people using the structure can enjoy nor appreciate.

Landscaping is something that should be soothing to the eyes.It should give shade,prevent glare. Act as a link between surrounding landscape improve visual deficiencies and aesthetics.It can be used to define the road,act as wind,noise and dust barrier and help to improve the microclimate.