Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Yesterday I came to know that I won a quilt as a giveaway gift on a blog.That’s when I realised this is the first time I will be having a readymade quilt.

Since childhood I have always used quilts made by my mother.We call them godhadi.My favourite were the ones made of old used cotton sarees.They were very cosy and comfortable.Many quilts were made of new materials,polka dots,checks,stripes,printed and plain fabrics which were purchased specially  for the the quilts.After purchasing the materials they were washed to see that the colour does not run.Then all were cut to required size,first stitched by hand and then by machine.Some quilts had geometric patterns,some dolls,some flowers,and some cathedral window designs.

My mother is a doctor who was attached to a hospital.Evening after coming from work she used to indulge in her hobbies-quilting,crochet,embroidery,knitting.She is a master in it all.Today when she is eighty three years old she finds it difficult to hold the needle in her hand for a long time but still she keeps herself occupied by doing small pieces.Her quilts are my favourite as when I sleep with them I can feel her warmth and love.It is like sleeping in her lap.
Below are photos of some of the quilts my mom has made.