Thursday, 16 May 2013


Last month I happened to visit a newly opened jewellery showroom on Gudi padva day that is the maharashtrian new year with my aunt.As I was looking around the display in the showroom I happened to see this elephant statue.Seeing me looking at the statue the sales girl immediately kept it in front of me on the counter and started describing its qualities to me.It is a marble statue with silver gold plating.She told me it is called Gajanantha laxmi and it is very auspicious to keep it at home.At that moment my aunt joined us and asked me whether I had one at home.I told her this is the first time I have heard of it and seen it.After describing the importance of the statue in hindu religion my aunt and the salesgirl managed to convince me to buy it.Normally I would not have purchased it but since it was Gudi padva-new year and one buys something for the house plus it was reasonably priced I purchased it.My aunt immediately gave me instructions as to the placing in the house-it has to be kept facing the north.

The Gajanantha laxmi statue characteristics are it has right leg forward,gomukh on forehead,ganesh,deer,peacock ,lotus motif on the elephant body.They say keeping it in north facing direction brings SUKH SHANTI AND SAMRUDDHI.

Immediately within one month’s time a friend on the occasion of her son’s wedding gifted all the guests a Kamdhenu cow statue.
The Kamdhenu cow is called wish fulfilling cow.They say the cow was one of the ratnas that came out during the samudhra manthan.It is said all the gods and goddesses dwell in it.The four legs have the four Vedas,on the eyes is surya(sun) and Chandra (moon),on the face lord shiva,on the neck lord Vishnu,mahalaxmi on the tail.Kamdhenu is a wish fulfilling cow it grants all your desires.The cow comes with the calf and keeping it in the house it brings SUKH SHANTI AND SAMRUDDHI.
With two holy figures coming to my house within a gap of one month I think I am truly blessed.