Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I don’t know how many of you have experienced this situation in life,this is my second experience-change of telephone number by the telephone exchange department.

Last month we were informed that all telephone lines from our area are being shifted to another telephone exchange so our telephone number will change and yesterday happened to be the day.

Telephone exchange department job done now our work started.To begin with I had to make my mother a silver citizen rote the new number.Then I entrusted her with the responsibility of informing all relatives and her friends of the change, a job she gladly did as she got to chit chat with all.

In this era of mobile phones and smart phones( which many times makes me realise how dumb I am when I can’t manage to do some simple functions on it)we still need the landline for one-our internet connection and secondly many citizens find them more convenient to use due to the large display of keys.

Mom’s job done now it was my turn to inform all my friends, clients and many from my contact list of the change which thanks to whatsapp and messaging I managed to do in a jiffy.Few foreign contacts were updated on facebook.

As I was doing this I just realised that all people in my area must today be doing the same.

If you think the work ends there no it doesn’t now the visiting cards,letterheads and banks have to be updated.