Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Yesterday I went to the printing press near my house to get an old book bound.

I am visiting this place since childhood and the proprietor knows me well enough that everytime I go he offers me tea and we chitchat about his business and changes taking place in the surrounding area and society in general.

While conversing with him yesterday I just mentioned to him how busy he must be as schools are going to start and children must be coming to him to get old notebooks unused pages bound in a book.
He laughed and said “Those days are gone, now days kids don’t do any such thing.”

I remember when we were kids as soon as our results were declared old text books were sold and blank pages of notebooks removed and kept together to bind it in a book which could be used for homework or as rough book.

I still have this habit of removing blank pages from old diaries and journals before disposing them and keeping them in my black folder so that I can use them when required.

From the numerous posts that I receive I collect the ones whose back side is blank and use this paper for sketching or scribbling notes.

I surely would like to know if anyone else does that.