Thursday, 13 June 2013


I like the presentation.

I like the colour palette.

The contents are informative.

I get to learn new things.

And most important I get to see how other people view the world.

It introduces me to many blogs and websites I never knew about.

I get to visit other people’s home and see their home decor,how they celebrate festivals and it introduces me to their hobbies be it painting,gardening cooking etc.

I make new contacts through email with people whom I have never met and may never meet around the globe.I come to know of their interest and passions.

 Reading is my hobby and when I see photos of books displayed on bookshelf or coffee table I try to see what other people are reading or pretending to have read.

Whoever first started blogging thanks to him or her?

Reading blogs is informative,relaxing and fun.

A big thank you to you all bloggers who make it possible.

Now let me know why you follow blogs?

Like a butterfly that visits different flowers to collect nectar,similarly a blogger visit different blogs to collect the best information ,ideas and enrich their lives.