Monday, 8 July 2013


In Mumbai it is that time of the year when all major shops have sale on the stocks.The sale maybe 15% to 50% ( how genuine we don’t know) but it gives the buyer a feeling of achievement when money is saved by comparable shopping.Basically the sale is to clear the old stock before the festive season.
Normally I never go to a mall on weekends as they are always crowded but on Saturday not having anything to do I decided to check out the sale.

I went to the mall near my house and first ventured into LIFESTYLE store. I decided to check the ethnic wear. The store was not very crowded ,few ladies checking out the clothes on hangers some men standing in the corner and monitoring the kids while their wives shopped ,line outside trial room where few men helping their better halves to select the clothes.Not finding anything interesting I went to my next destination MARKS AND SPENCERS .I love marks and spencers good staff, nice big changing rooms and most important good clothes.I have to say I like shops that have large trial rooms with mirror on all sides enough space to keep the clothes and handbag and most important not stinking of the previous user sweat.Not finding anything interesting next it was time to check AND-Anita dongre shop.I managed to find a top of my size-nowadays size matters and quickly exited from there.

Whenever I visit this mall I religiously visit COTTON WORLD shop irrespective of whether I want to buy anything or not.I love their fit.The clothes are comfortable and worth the price.I look around the shop to see if there is anything new and after exchanging pleasantries with the staff who know me very well move out.

I am not a ZARA brand fan nor have I ever found clothes which I would like to wear but I still decided to go check the Zara sale. On reaching the shop I just stood stunned at the door.The shop was packed beyond capacity.I did not even have the courage to enter it.Standing near the door I could see long queues at the cash counter and longer ones outside the trial room.It looked as if someone was distributing the clothes for free.People were purchasing the clothes as if there is no tomorrow.Seeing the spending power I was wondering what recession are we talking about.

I never like to shop in crowded places I like to peacefully browse the hangers,try the clothes in a relaxed manner and then take the decision.Actually I don’t like shopping and my handwriting analysis also shows that. ( one can make out whether the person likes to shop or not from the handwriting this is what I learnt from my handwriting analysis classes) One requires lot of energy,interest and passion and hats off to the people who can buy in these crowded environment.I feel either they are are obsessive shoppers or brand conscious.

By now I was hungry fully exhausted and my legs were aching.Whenever I go to a mall my legs ache irrespective of what footwear I am wearing.So final destination MCDONALD.As usual crowded and noisy. I managed to find myself a seat (an achievement by itself) and as I munched my veg burger I wondered why food joints don’t have discount months.