Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Some of the best years of our lives are the school days.Where nearly ten years we spent with the same friends.These are friends with whom we had the longest association in our student life.
During my school days when we never had computers and  Mark Zuckerberg  was still  not born, we used to have autograph book. It was a book in which in our final year, that is tenth standard we used to ask friends to write a few words as remembrance.
Lots of effort used to go in writing in the book-sketching,colouring,writing beautiful quotes-and it used to be such a big thing. Just imagines a class of 45-50 students exchanging that many books in class.The teachers also used to write in them.
I still have my book and here are some of the pages from my book.

My autograph book

When I read my book today many names I remember,many faces forgotten,few I have been in touch with since school days and others I have found on facebook.

The book presents such simple clean,loving memories.

Wishing all my friends wherever they are the very best in life and to all my friends who wrote in my book a big THANKYOU.