Thursday, 25 October 2012


Constellation of stars ( Nakshatra ) and planets spread in the universe are identified all over the world by different names.Effect of stars and planets on various aspects of the earth surface is a topic of elaborate study all over the world.
One of the important aspect of the planets is the role they play in Indian astrology.Their exact positioning in the zodiac can enhance or deplete the physical,spiritual and the financial growth of an individual.
Reference to inter relation between planets,stars and plants are found in the western literature e.g.HEINRICH DAATH as well as in Sanskrit compositions SRITATVANIDHI.
Mention of aradhya trees and specific flowers for a certain nakshatra are found in not only the panchang but also in old Sanskrit literature.
Every person has a different horoscope and nakshatra.These tell about the persons nature and temperament.
In Indian astrology every nakshatra and zodiac sign has a governing tree.
The herbal properties of these trees are also known since ages.It is said that one should sit to meditate below the governing tree of ones nakshatra as it helps to calm down the mind.
Every zodiac sign has two and a quarter nakshatra and each nakshatra has its own governing tree.